Academic Profile


Raghavendra Selvan (Raghav) is currently an Assistant Professor at Machine Learning (ML) Section, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. He is also affiliated with Department of Neuroscience and the Data Science Laboratory. His current research interests are broadly pertaining Resource Efficient ML, Medical Image Analysis with ML, and Graph Neural Networks. Of late, another overarching theme of his research interests lie at the intersection of sustainability and ML where he is interested in investigating sustainability with ML, and also the sustainability of ML.

Raghav received his PhD in Medical Image Analysis (University of Copenhagen, 2018), his MSc degree in Communication Engineering in 2015 (Chalmers University, Sweden) and his Bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering degree in 2009 (BMS Institute of Technology, India). Raghavendra Selvan was born in Bangalore, India.


  • 2023-09: RS will be co-organizing a parallel session on “Resource Aware Machine Learning” at the Danish Digitalization, Data Science and AI (D3A-2024) conference
  • 2023-09: Paper published in Limnology and Oceanography
  • 2023-08 Paper published in Nature Neuroscience
  • 2023-08 Paper accepted to be presented at the Resource Efficient Medical Image Analysis @MICCAI2023.
  • 2023-07: Contributed to a series of popular news articles in Børsen (Danish newspaper) on the carbon footprint of AI models.
  • 2023-06: RS has joined the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion network at UCPH
  • 2023-05: RS will be one of the coordinators of the Green Transition and AI thematic solution center at UCPH
  • 2023-02: Check out the ongoing reading group on Sustainable Machine Learning hosted by us here.
  • 2023-04: Contributed to a popular news article in Süddeutsche Zeitung on the carbon footprint of large language models.
  • 2023-01: Funding for one PhD student to study fronto-temporal dementia with AI at St. Andrews University as co-applicant
  • 2023-01: Paper accepted to Digital Discovery
  • 2022-12: Dept. of Computer Science Dissemination Award and ML Section award for contributions in 2022.
  • 2022-11: Paper accepted to be presented at 6th Northern Lights Deep Learning Conference (NLDL).
  • 2022-10: UK Research & Innovation grant for Environmental sustainability in Life Sciences as co-applicant (~890k DKK)
  • 2022-09: Paper accepted to NPJ Computational Materials.